Multiple Bridge Cranes


Multiple Bridge Cranes
When there’s need multiple operators to work at same time and same area, multi-girder crane can be adopted.
We usually adopt multiform buffer area to prevent mutual interference between crane girders.
It can realize small size of rail to bear  girders by this way.
For example, the rail which has 500kg carrying capacity can bear two groups girders in 500kgs together.
Of course, in order to prevent the load and overload on rail, we need to have buffer zone to keep the space between girders.

Electrical travel unit
Electric drive for moving light weight cranes is available and trolley with high quality friction wheels ensures its preciseness of movement and long service life. There are three electrical drive ways: 1, Electrical drive only for hoist trolley (M1); 2, Electrical drive only for bridge; 3, Electrical drive for both bridge and hoist trolley (M1+M2+M3).