DK Design


Light lift series have supplied the solutions to traditional lifting system, which conform to human engineering and have cost-effectiveness, especially in the applications of restricted height and space. It has adopted German DK standardized design, which can realize functional diversification and safe & reliable suspension conveying project in a large quantity of practical applications. Our sound design capability and high-level manufacturing requirements have ensured long service life and minimal maintenance requirements, not even maintenance.


German DK standardized design has extensibility, it is easy to move and has accurate positioning. It has many installation way, which can be installed on floor or ceiling. It has connectivity with suspension transporting system, the structure is stable, safe and reliable, the installation is quick.



Extensive track selection: load of 80kg-5000kg

Multiple bridges with a maximal length of 14 meters can be applied to each individual fixed runaway system;a distance between support of runways can reach up to 9.


Oblique design inside enables the trolley to run along different tracks with consistence and reduce accumulation of dust onto the surface. The trolley can run very smoothly and thus prolong its lifetime. The required handling force is only fifth of conventional ones, both aluminium alloy- and stainless steel track can be delivered.


Tracks and main bridges have undergone a surface treatment with shot-blasting and extrusion and are accompanied by a 5-year warranty,as a result, the costs of maintenance will be lowered considerably.


Our broad variety of electrical supplies ensure that you will find optimal solutions for all your requirements. Besides, our variable-frequency drive may also serve as an alternative.


In light of a design made by system modelling and fixation by bolting, no welding is required during the whole process, which makes installations, improvements and extensions faster and more efficient.