Aluminum Track System


It has adopted high strength aluminium alloy material to have once extrusion forming, and special design of track section.

It can realize greater span application.

Compared with steel track equipment in same quality, the weight is lighter, the noise is lower.

Working accuracy of aluminium girders is higher, rail surface is more smooth, the resistance is smaller.

The operation is extremely smooth, the tensile force is only 50% of steel girders.

It is easy to install and accurately positioning, lifting point location can install arbitrarily, the layout design is more flexible.

Elevating capacity is between 500kg-2000kg, girder length can reach 10m.

Bolted connection, safe and firm.

Assurance factor is no less than 5 times. Allowable deflection is L/450.

To the working condition of that the elevating capacity is less than 500kg, spacing is less than 5m, we will adopt light aluminium alloy track system.